by Alison Schroeder May 11, 2017


We really enjoyed reading this police wife's take on the "Top 10 Ways to Know She is a Police Wife" - we hope you enjoy it as well!

We don’t have a badge. We don’t make arrests and drive a cop car. But we are an integral part of the police life. We hold things together when he is too tired. We are the glue behind the lights and sirens. One of the only constants in his fast pace career. We are friends, wives, counselors, mothers, and so much more.

Here are the top 10 ways to know she is a police wife:

1. She isn’t afraid to spend nights alone.  

Let’s face it, it is going to happen. We ultimately get used to it.

2. She always ha s her back to the door in a restaurant.

And her LEO (law enforcement officer) is always facing it. He always has our back.

3. Her heart leaves the moment he starts his shift.

She doesn’t get it back until he is home safe and sound.

4. She know s not to get excited when he says he is on his way home. It could still be 2 hours.

She knows LEOs never get home at the same time and they always seem to have “one more call.”

5. She has black out curtains in her bedroom.

Really, who can sleep during the day, in the daylight? Not our LEOs!

6. Her “weekend” is actually in the middle of the week.

We always go along with the LEO schedule, no questions asked.

7. She is washing/ironing uniforms two hours before his shift starts.

Because somehow he forgets? 

8. She is constantly pulling bullets out of pockets and the dryer.

She should be given a reminder card for when they go to the range!

9. She take s on many roles: wife, mom, dad, repair person. You have to learn to do things on your own.

10. She asks her husband if he has his gun every time he walks out the door. 

And if she forgets to ask, she knows he is coming back for it within a matter of minutes.

Don’t forget: as police wives we play an essential role within the police family. We compliment our LEOs perfectly. Remember that your job as a police wife matters and is indispensable. We do more behind the scenes than is ever seen or recognized. Keep up the great work, police wives! Your role is a big one and there is no one like you who can do it so well!

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Alison Schroeder
Alison Schroeder

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